Monday, May 13, 2024
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Kevin Lear’s Magical India [Interview]

We had a chat with Kevin Lear from England, ex-army and motorcycle enthusiast who has been on 4 different trips to India and about to jump on a new adventure.

Kevin is the Owner of, and Youtube channel Magical Adventures of Kevin Lear with 4k+ Subscribers and videos with over 100k views. 

He’s also the Author of the kindle book: “Touring Rajasthan By MotorBike: Let Me Take You To India Even If You Don’t Want To Go

Over 30 years ago after leaving the army, Kevin started to work in the tourism industry producing maps, guides, books and magazines. Eventually he started to produce advertisement videos and entered the two-wheel world…

Watch the full interview to learn more about Kevin’s adventures!

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Buy the book: Touring Rajasthan By MotorBike: Let Me Take You To India Even If You Don’t Want To Go

Simone Loganathan
Simone Loganathan
Founder of RnT, Online Marketing Consultant, proud dad of 3. A few years back, after getting inspiration from "The Motorcycle Diaries", I have started to dream to travel by motorcycle from South India to Nepal, and then from Alaska to Patagonia. Destiny wanted me to cross paths with a small motorcycle tour operator and my passion kept growing to the point that I have decided to build RnT.

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