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5 Reasons to Explore Sri Lanka on a Motorcycle

Sri Lanka offers everything that an adventure rider could dream of: exotic location, untouched nature, warm welcoming people, marvelous beaches, ancient cultural and historical sites.

Most of all is one of a very few countries in the world that has been barely explored by motorcycle enthusiasts and tourism hasn’t yet exploited the island, despite this being one of the main income sources for the Sri Lankan population.

There are a variety of reasons, starting from the current pandemic, the tragic “Easter attacks” a few years back, and before all of this, the country was affected by over two and half decades of civil war which ended in 2009.

Not the most inviting situations for travelers.

Now that the conflict has become history and the internal Covid-19 situation has somehow been “normalized”, Sri Lanka has re-opened its doors to tourism. By the 22nd January 2022, the island had already welcomed almost 59,000 travelers.

So if you have been craving for a trip and are starting to look for your next destination for a ride, here are our top 5 reasons to explore Sri Lanka on a motorcycle.


The variety of landscape and roads offers great fun to all types of riders, from beginners to the most experienced. Ride through tea plantations in the highlands, alongside the coastline while spotting traditional stilt fishermen, make your way through small rural villages and busy commercial towns. This is the way to experience the real Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka it’s home to over 20 national protected parks where wild animals live in their natural habitat. Elephants, leopards, macaques and monitor lizards are a few of the species that can be encountered during a trip. Bird watching and whale & dolphin watching are also appreciated. An authentic paradise for nature lovers.

Ancient Sites.

The island is home for several ancient sites, some of which are UNESCO protected. Sigiriya, the remains of an ancient palace built on top of a rock; Dambulla caves, a buddhist temple characterized by hundreds of statues and frescos; and Galle fort, built by the Portuguese in 1588, are some of the must see places.

Beach life.

There is nothing better than relaxing on a sandy beach and enjoying a fresh coconut or a chilled beer between long riding days. You can also enjoy a variety of activities such as surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving or kayaking, but if you prefer to completely relax, don’t miss a SPA session during the hottest hours of the day.


Spicy food lovers would go crazy with the variety of food available in Sri Lanka. Street food is abundant as well as fresh seafood that can be enjoyed either in traditional curries with rice or western grilled dishes. Vegetarians & vegans won’t have troubles in finding options and would definitely love the use of coconut milk in many local dishes.

Any other reason that you can think of?

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Simone Loganathan
Simone Loganathanhttps://revntravel.com
Founder of RnT, Online Marketing Consultant, proud dad of 3. A few years back, after getting inspiration from "The Motorcycle Diaries", I have started to dream to travel by motorcycle from South India to Nepal, and then from Alaska to Patagonia. Destiny wanted me to cross paths with a small motorcycle tour operator and my passion kept growing to the point that I have decided to build RnT.

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