Sunday, May 12, 2024
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Inspired to Ride

If you want real stories, you’ve gotta get out and experience the pandemonium of the real world and what it can teach you…

From the outside, the life of a ‘content creator’ might seem like its full of adventure and wonder, but it can also be filled with anxiety, stress and an unfulfilled desire to create something that makes people feel or think about life differently, and the process of getting that vision out of your head can be absolutely maddening. 

This is all before you even contemplate the fact that you’re opening yourself up to some pretty brutal feedback if you don’t do it perfectly!

So, here is my story, and how I’ve found some relief from the daily grind, and constant need for creating new, beautiful things. I hope that it can inspire you to get out and see the chaotic world around you, and if you choose to do it on a motorbike, even better! 

I’d also like to thank my partner Birgitta – who has put up with a lot of interrupted riding, late nights and has had to help me through my constant frustrations.

Shot, edited, mixed, coloured and produced by Josh Bailey, aka Life of a Scrambler 

Music sourced and licenced through Epidemic Sound

Intro – Forest Canvas by Elm Lake

Main – Pandemonium by Mondays & Hannah Stone

Entry #24 – Joshua Bailey – Inspired to Ride – [RnT Story Contest – 1st Edition]

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