Monday, May 13, 2024
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Riding around the world until finding a place to call “Home”

In this episode, Simone (RnT founder), interviews Patrick “Paddy” Mans, founder of Onward motorcycle tours, in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Paddy, is a marine engineer, originally from Panama, but lived most of his life in California. 

A few years back he took off for a 60-day motorcycle trip in South America which eventually evolved into a trip around the world of 450+ days on a Kawasaki Versys.

From South America, he went to Europe and from there all the way to Japan. 

After taking a break from the trip and spending one further year working on a ship, he went back to Japan to pick up his bike and got back on the road until he got stuck in Nepal during the pandemic, just before settling down in Georgia and launching his motorcycle tour company.

If you are looking to do a trip in Georgia, he’s the guy you are looking for!

Planning a trip in Georgia?

Contact Paddy to organize your tour!

Mobile (US): +1 828 691 8666
Mobile (Georgia): +995 599 07 9400

Simone Loganathan
Simone Loganathan
Founder of RnT, Online Marketing Consultant, proud dad of 3. A few years back, after getting inspiration from "The Motorcycle Diaries", I have started to dream to travel by motorcycle from South India to Nepal, and then from Alaska to Patagonia. Destiny wanted me to cross paths with a small motorcycle tour operator and my passion kept growing to the point that I have decided to build RnT.

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